MITRE brings the world’s most advanced scanner to Musgrave Park Hospital.


Local broadcaster Claire McCollum supports MITRE as they bring the world’s most advanced scanner to Musgrave Park Hospital.(L-R Claire McCollum, Dr Malcolm Crone, Heather Cairns)

MITRE, the charity that works to improve patient services at Musgrave Park Hospital, has donated over £800,000 to bring one of the world’s most advanced scanners to Northern Ireland.

Since MITRE first introduced MRI scanning to Musgrave Park Hospital over 55,000 patients have benefited. With the help of the new scanner, MITRE aims to scan over 5,500 patients each year and help reduce waiting times.

The Siemens full-body MRI scanner produces 2D and 3D pictures of the body.  As Musgrave Park Hospital is the regional centre for Orthopaedic surgery and Rehabilitation, the scanner will be used primarily to diagnose conditions of the spine, bones and joints.  It has the ability to perform whole body imaging and is of particular use in both Oncology and Sports Medicine services.

Dr. Malcolm Crone, MITRE Secretary, and Consultant Radiologist at Musgrave said,

The MITRE scanners have been of enormous benefit to orthopaedic, rheumatology and spinal injured patients over the past 10 years. MITRE’s ongoing fundraising helps our patients to have better access to modern equipment and facilities.”

The main advantage of this scanner over earlier models is that it can produce better images in a shorter period of time.  It is easier to use, quieter and less enclosed than all other current scanners.

This new scanner is the charity’s latest project since opening the MITRE Rehabilitation Unit at Musgrave in January this year.


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