Fundraiser Pam Anstey











Pam has been a Charity FUNdraiser for over 25 years.

She is presently the MITRE Co-ordinator, and helps organise Mitre FUNdraising events.

Pam helps supporters raise awareness of MITRE through sponsor forms, t shirts, leafleting, banners, buckets, collecting boxes, and posters.

Pam assists supporters  and students to run events, with letters to companies to help corporate sponsorship and to arrange visits to Mitre facilities.   She helps carry out school visits, speaking to children and  informing them about our work.

She will liaise with and help companies who have nominated MITRE as their Charity of the Year.  She will visit and talk to Sports Clubs who have nominated MITRE as their chosen charity.

Should you wish to raise FUNDS for MITRE and would like my help please contact me at 

Everyone who raises Funds for MITRE receives a MITRE Thank you Certificate