50,000 scans and counting thanks to hospital charity MITRE

The MRI Scanner Service at Musgrave Park Hospital scanned its 50,000th patient on Tuesday 17th August thanks to MITRE, the charity who have been the driving force behind the purchasing of MRI Scanners for the hospital.

Martin McNeill from Banbridge was the 50,000th patient to pass through the service and was presented with a gift from MITRE. Mr McNeill, who had a previous MRI scan at the hospital after a road traffic accident earlier this year, said of the charity,

” I’m just really grateful to MITRE because they provided this scanner when I really needed it. I was able to come into Musgrave Park Hospital as an emergency patient and use the MITRE scanner, and I really think that without that spinal scan, I wouldn’t be here today”.

MITRE have fully funded the two MRI Scanners currently in use at Musgrave. The charity has raised over £7 million for Musgrave Park Hospital since being launched in 1991. Dr. Malcolm Crone, MITRE Secretary and Consultant Radiologist at Musgrave said,

“The MITRE scanners have been of enormous benefit to Orthopaedic, Rheumatology and Spinal patients over the past 10 years. MITRE’s ongoing fundraising helps Musgrave Park Hospital’s patients to have even better equipment and facilities.”


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