£1,900.00 towards the purchase of a MakerBot 3D Printer for the Rehabilitation Engineering Centre (REC).

 £680.00   towards the provision of a team sports kit for the  Spinal Injury Unit Games at Stoke Mandeville.        

 £2,280.00 towards the Paediatric Activity Rheumatology Fund – to take children with arthritis on an outdoor education weekend.                                                                           

£1,450.00 towards team registration & travel expenses for the Amputee Games at Stoke Mandeville.                                          

 To date the Spinal Cord Injury Unit has received £46,000.00 towards equipment.

£1,500.00 towards the Wheelchair Bowling team’s participation at the Eight Nations Tournament in Glasgow.                                                                                          

£1,000.00 Funding is in place to provide a Pathway from RDS to MRU for wheelchair users.                                                                                                   

 £130.00 to the Central Plaster Unit for the provision of a TV/DVD to help distract children during the lengthy procedure of having a body brace fitted.                                        

  £7,800.00 to the Neurology Spasticity Service – to maintain this Service in 2013/14.

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