MRI Scanners

MITRE has been the driving force behind the purchasing of MRI Scanners at Musgrave Park Hospital.

In 1994 MITRE purchased an MRI Scanner at a cost of almost £1 million.

In 1997, a second, smaller scanner was purchased primarily for the scanning of arms and legs.

In 2001/2 MITRE funded the extension of the MRI suite at Musgrave Park Hospital and the installation of N. Ireland’s first “open” MRI scanner (see below).  This project involved expenditure of over £750,000.

The MITRE MRI Scanner Service recently scanned its 50,000th patient in just under 10 years. Find out more about this achievement.

In 2005, MITRE brought the world’s most advanced scanner to Musgrave Park Hospital. With the help of this new Siemens full-body scanner, MITRE aims to scan over 5,500 patients each year. Find out more about this achievement.

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