MITRE Neurology Building

Neurology patients suffer from a range of conditions affecting the brain, spine or nervous system. Examples include epilepsy, MS and Motor Neuron disease. Patient stays range from Outpatient appointments through to long term residential care.

The project is a new 1,500 square metre unit for the care and rehabilitation of neurology patients, replacing the previous Victorian wards at Forster Green.  Accommodation comprises 23 bed-spaces in single/4-bed formats, en-suites/assisted shower rooms, day/dining, servery kitchen, TV Room, therapy rooms, out-patients clinic, sensory room and gardens.

The provision of 4-bed wards responds to the wishes of some patients to have more social interaction, and the number of en-suites and bathrooms reflects the large proportion of patients who require assistance with personal care.

The project was part-funded by the Mitre Trust charity, which raises money for patient services and new developments.

Architect McAdam Design
Photography Donal McCann

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