Spinal Games Team 2016

A team of four participants and four staff members attended the Inter Spinal Unit Games in April 2016. This four day annual event is held at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, Buckinghamshire, England. The Games provide opportunities for people with a Spinal Cord Injury to a) discover the benefits of leading an active, healthy lifestyle and b) try a wide variety of sports, receiving demonstrations and coaching from qualified coaches and sports athletes.

There are a variety of sports available to take part in including archery, athletics, swimming, wheelchair basketball, cue sports, wheelchair rugby, table tennis, powerlifting, tennis and shooting. Points are awarded to each participant in each individual sport with places awarded for first, second, third and fourth places.

The Belfast team proved very successful at this year’s event. An award was delivered for a first place in archery, a second place in table tennis and a fourth place in cue sports. The team also won an award for “Best team spirit”.

The four participants (all ex patients of the Spinal Cord Injury Unit) included: Bobby McAnoy, Lisa Boyle, Willie Reid and Marilyn Allen. Staff members who accompanied the team were: Carmel Lavery (Occupational Therapist), Julie Grant (Physiotherapist), Laura Cunningham (Staff Nurse) and Sharon Mae Graham (Health Care Assistant).

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